Another Mother for Peace

AMP Press Center

Another Mother for Peace relies upon word of mouth and attention from the media to get our message out. You can help. Write or call your local newspapers, tv/radio stations and your favorite magazines and tell them why they should be talking about Another Mother for Peace. We have a great story to tell, please help us share it.


October 26, 2003 – AMP Press Release
“Another Mother for Peace Revitalized Amid Public Outcry Against War”


Setember 20, 2005 – Voice: AIGA Journal of Design article
“War Is Not Healthy: The True Story”

August 26, 2004 – New York Times article
“For Graphic Artists, Back to the Barricades”

October 17-23, 2003 – Jewish Journal article
“The Little Flower That Could”

October 15-21, 2003 – Santa Monica Mirror article
“Vietnam Era Anti-War Group Is Revived”

ACLU Alumni Magazine
“Helping Peace to Flower”