Another Mother for Peace

Stop the Back Door Draft

Another Mother for Peace believes that those serving in the U.S. military have the right to fulfill their commitment, return to their families and not to be re-activated, re-mobilized or re-deployed without their consent. The men and women serving in the U.S. military deserve better than to have their lives repeatedly endangered and have their families be the victims of a failed war strategy.

Please urge the media to focus more attention on the back door draft. Media attention will put pressure on the Pentagon to stop exploiting the good will of our women and men in uniform. Please write a letter, fax or email (or all three!) to your local newspaper, radio and television station and other media. The following is a suggested text. Use this or compose your own. Help send a message to those in power: The Back Door Draft Must Stop.

Dear Editor,

I am deeply concerned about our government’s “Stop Loss” policy and other methods being used to compel U.S. military personnel to serve beyond their agreed-upon commitment. I believe that our government should honor the courageous service of our military personnel by respecting their desire to leave the military once their commitment to serve has been fulfilled The press has a responsibility to cover the stories of the families victimized by military retention policies and hold the armed services accountable for betraying the trust of its personnel.


Your Name

1. Copy and paste the text above into an email, letter or fax (or compose your own message).
2. Use the these links find out how to reach the media outlets you wish to contact. We urge you to make sure to contact your local newspapers and radio/tv stations as well as national media. The stories of the back-door draft are personal and immediate – they deserve coverage by the media that are in your community.
Contact media online:
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3. Mail, fax and/or email the message and STOP THE BACK-DOOR DRAFT!