Another Mother for Peace

Voice your support for Cindy Sheehan!

cindysheehanAnother Mother for Peace encourages you to take action in support of Cindy Sheehan.

A Mother for Peace Stands Up to President Bush!

Cindy’s oldest son, 24-year-old Army Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan, was killed in Iraq last year. She wants to confront the president and force him to explain why her son died. She and Gold Star Families for Peace, (an organization comprised of families who have lost a relative in Iraq) are staging a protest outside President Bush’s home in Crawford, Texas. She has vowed to stay in Crawford until she gets a face to face meeting with the president.

Cindy’s protest has acted as a lightening rod for long- overdue media attention on the anti-war movement. Her outrage has become a symbol for Americans everywhere who feel that the war in Iraq was a tragic mistake and that our elected officials must now be held accountable for their actions.

Please contact your elected officials, friends and family and urge them to help convince President Bush to talk to Cindy. Another Mother for Peace asks you to use your voice and support the most visible anti-war stand by any individual since the invasion of Iraq.

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