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Subject: Senate Armed Services Committee Secretary of Defense Hearings

Senate Armed Services Committee Secretary of Defense Hearings
Another Mother for Peace

Make the Armed Services Committee Accountable


The U.S. Senate Committee on the Armed Services will hold hearings regarding the nomination of Robert Gates as the next Secretary of Defense on December 5.

Robert Gates is President Bush's nominee for Secretary of Defense. Gates, a prominent figure in the Iran-Contra scandal 20 years ago, is a former Director of the CIA. In a 2003 CNN interview, Gates said, "You don't necessarily have to capture Saddam to bring about regime change. All you have to do is remove him from power...I think it's a manageable task." (Learn more at Robert Gates: In His Own Words November 8, 2006)

Another Mother for Peace thinks that the Armed Services Committee should ask tough questions.

  • You advocated missile strikes on North Korea. Is that still your position?
  • Why are you against direct talks with North Korea?
  • You once said that "the biggest doves in Washington wear uniforms". Tell us how you plan to engage military leaders to develop and implement effective military policy.
  • Do you support a regional approach, including Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran, to find a solution to the war in Iraq?
  • Do you believe it is time for the U.S. to change President's Bush's "stay the course" policy?
  • Will you assure the Committee that the U.S. will not maintain permanent military bases in Iraq and will remove all troops?
  • What is your plan to reduce U.S. military presence in Iraq?

Another Mother for Peace urges you to contact the Senate Armed Services Committee. Tell them that the war in Iraq is not healthy for children and other living things. Tell them to commit the Secretary of Defense to bring about regional peace in the Middle East.

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Working for Peace,

Another Mother for Peace
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