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Subject: Iraq Congressional Resolutions

Iraq Congressional Resolutions
Another Mother for Peace

Stop the Escalation of the Iraq War

Support the Withdrawal of U.S. Troops

Dear Carol,

As early as Monday, Congress will debate resolutions related to U.S. actions in Iraq.

Several Iraq War resolutions have been introduced; it would be no surprise if others surface as well this coming week.

The resolutions include a wide range of positions. For example, one states, "It is not in the national interest of the U.S. to deepen its military involvement, particularly by escalating the U.S. military force presence in Iraq". However, that resolution may not even reach the Senate floor for a vote. Another, which appears to have the most bipartisan support, is not strong enough. It states that the Senate only "...disagrees with the plan to augment our forces...and believes the U.S. should continue vigorous operations in Anbar province..." Finally, another resolution that will be introduced affirms "full support" for the escalation of the Iraq War. All resolutions and their status are available at the U.S. Senate website. Just "click" on "Active Legislation".

Another Mother for Peace thinks that the 110th Congress should act on the mandate demanded by the American electorate last November. Only 11% of Americans support a troop increase, and 67% oppose the War in Iraq.

On Monday, Another Mother for Peace urges you to telephone your Senators and Representative. Insist that any resolution should include:

  • Immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops
  • No support for escalation of the war
  • Support for diplomatic efforts with Iraq's regional neighbors to achieve stability in Iraq


phone: 800-763-4670

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